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Feel The Sea Breeze

2013 January 16
by .:Leeming:.

Can you see I am not much of a beach person? Haha~ perhaps to many beach trips makes it boring or maybe the Cherating Village is getting too rundown. I think the people in Cherating should keep up their village and chalets. They should build a sustainable management team and expanded by cleaning the whole village and maintain the chalets to better accommodation a larger numbers of tourists. I’m sure a lot of tourists will be coming back!

FYI Cherating is a famous beach town not only famous to Malaysians, but to surfers and beach bums all around the world. About 47m north of Kuantan, the beach town is a hidden enclave along the famed stretch of Cherating Beach. The old Cherating Village has been known as ‘ SURFER’S HEAVEN’ since 70′s, and every year without fail, surfers will return to Cherating to meet up with friend, and to surf the South China Sea waves. It’s pretty common to see surfers linger for days and even months in this small enclave to catch the best waves and chill out with fellow surfers.

What I’m here for? ┬áTake more photos, camwhoring and put a smile on the boyfie’s face =D. If he’s happy, I’m happy!

Had our lunch in Duyong, and…

Off to the beach! WeEEeee~

Feel the breeze

paparazzi shot by Roy =)

Bump into some friends on the beach.

Randall waxing the boyfie’s surfboard.

Look at the happy kid =)

With Miss Jenna Summer

Camwhoring with my new pin up bikini.

Meet Ivan!

Lets dance on the beach~

Look at that beautiful wave~

Roy and the boyfie

Ivan on his board.

The kid who surf

Ivan and Steven

Building sand castle?

We spot a mermaid on the beach!!!

I have no idea how they surf on this wooden surfboard.

Meet Sammy one of the best surfer in Malaysia

Steven on his board.

It was a fun day on the beach. XO~

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